December 19, 2016


About: Europe Startup Ecosystem is the home of the European startup ecosystem hosting digital events, boot camps, accelerators and startup expos for the region. It is a subsidiary of Global Startup Ecosystem, which provides digital programs for startup ecosystems in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Follow us on Facebook! 

Our Programs:

  1. The First Europe Startup Digital Accelerator: We accelerate 100 companies to market each year. Our 3-day online accelerator program targets Caribbean entrepreneurs from 20 Caricom countries and the global diaspora.
  2. Monthly Keynote Series: Where successful European entrepreneurs from all over the world share top 5 lessons on how they launched and scaled their companies. All events are hosted online and free.
  3. Annual Online Europe Startup Ecosystem Expo: an action-packed lunch hour where the top accelerators, incubators, and events present their programs to aspiring entrepreneurs of Europe. Entrepreneurs will learn where to find funding, partnerships, and amazing opportunities to accelerate to market. Each startup ecosystem presenter will present for 3 minutes. All presentation decks will be emailed out to attendees at the end of the program.
  4. Central Startup Ecosystem Directory: We list all events, programs, and initiatives that advance entrepreneurship in Europe. Startups now have a central place to find updates from local partners that can accelerate their growth. Local accelerators and incubators now have a medium to share their initiatives and achievements with entrepreneurs.
  5. Europe Startup Ecosystem Roundtable Meetings: Each quarter, the representatives of startup programs from each country are invited to share insights, issues, and updates to ensure European-wide cross collaboration. Our aim is to facilitate a supportive network for our European entrepreneurs. Ecosystem Partnership Platform: We help facilitate the collaboration of government, incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurs by hosting monthly online roundtables, blasting monthly insights to 1000+ influencers.